Pipe Fittings


It is with great pleasure that we introduce the PROTEK group, which since its foundation has been dedicated to the production and supply of the best in Carbon Steel, Buttwelding Fittings & Flanges. The company’s name is of some importance in both the home and international markets.

Quality has always been a priority with PROTEK and we aim to manufacture a product, which guarantees the strictest and most demanding standards of the different sectors, which use our valves.

Available in carbon, alloy and stainless steels they may be specified in size from 3/8″ to 24″. Future features include reduced port and full port options and pressure classes from 150# up to 2500#.

BUTTWELDING FITTINGS: – Dimensional Tolerance (ASME)
– Wall Thickness Schedule (JIS & DIN)
– Wrought Steel Buttweld Fitting (ASME)
– Wall Thickness Schedule (ASME)

FORGED STEEL FITTINGS: – Union Threaded end MASS-sp-83-2001
– Swaged Nipples MSS-SP-95-2000
– Hex Nipples ANSI/ASME Bl.20.1-1983 NPT
– Dimensions of Seamless Steel Pipe
– Threaded Fittings ASME B16.11-2001
– Reducer Inserts Socket Welding MASS-SP-79-1999A
– Street Elbows
– Branch outlet Fittings Threaded end Reducing Size MSS-SP-97-2001
– Socket -Weding Fittings ASME B16.11-2001

FORGED STEEL FLANGES: – Class 150 Flanges
– Class 300 Flanges
– Class 600 Flanges
– Class 900 Flanges
– Class 1500 Flanges
– Class 2500 Flanges
– Tolerance ANSI B-16.5 Forged Flanges


High pressure Fittings Forged, Carbon Alloy, Stainless Steel, Threaded and Socket Weld.

We, Both-well Steel Fittings Co., Ltd. manufacture high pressure Forged Stainless, Alloy & Steel Pipe Fittings meeting with ASME and ANSI B16.ll standard and relevant ASTM material specifications and or customer’s specification / requirements. We manufacture our fittings under a serious quality control system. We have already got the ISO-9002 approval twice. We believe we can make the best products to supply our buyers.